Argan Oil Economic and Social Development

The cooperatives of argan oil are the true engine of social economic development.

The cooperative organization for the production of argan oil has proved to be a fruitful campaign to combat the social and economic issues that have troubled the Souss region for some time.

The cooperative promises to bring a change to this area through the production of its prized asset of argan oil. This has been helped by the growing interest for argan oil in the cosmetic world. The growth in demand for argan oil has created a social and economic movement in the south of morocco, the souss region, Essouria, Agadir and all of the atlas mountains populated by the argan forest.

Many Families in these regions have been affected by poverty and some are mostly isolated from the outside world. The demand and production of argan oil has given these families an opportunity for a better life. A source of income and the opportunity for women to become self proficient has been the result of the cooperatives, where 13 cooperatives are now operating in Essouria and many more appearing all over the province.

Goats Climbing Argan Tree Video

I find this amusing, now you may ask yourself how does the shepard get his goats down from there?

The Future of Argan Oil and the Argan Tree

The Argan Tree has been around for many thousands of years, up until now its very existence is threatened by the consummation of local population and world interest. Argan Oil known for its skin healing properties and health benefits has grown ever popular with the global market, especially for cosmetics. UNESCO has supposedly created some 3 million hectare bio reserve to protect the argan forest, however i feel that its not enough. What needs to be done in reality is help the local population who are still using wood from the argan tree's has a means to fuel, heating homes, cooking etc.

If the local population can be served with a dose of modentity then that would probably solve one of the root problems for the degradation of the argan forest, which now rests at some 900,000 hectares.

We are also involved in our own small project for planting Argan Tree's, which has only just began earlier this year, this is by far nothing in comparison to the degradation of the forest, but every little helps..

Rising Prices of Argan Oil

The initial prices of Argan Oil are reported to increase by 10-20% within the next 6 months.
This is largely due to the growing demand for this popular oil. American consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of specialty health foods such as Argan Oil and Olive Oil products.

Other factors such as the erosion of the Argan forest and climate change are also accountable for price fluctuations. It would take approximately 120kg of argan nuts to produce 1 litre of pure Argan Oil, with each tree depending on size creating between 200 - 400kg of nuts.

Purus International Website Anticipated Launch

We are to be launching the Purus International website by the end of May 2008. The website is live, but some areas are still under construction, vital information is readily available on the website. Our site will now be able to serve our customers worldwide with an organized catalogue of products, regular updates and well presented information to make browsing the website even easier.